Stewardship of free time

Next, there are a lot of choices that need to be made about your “free time” because there will always be more invitations to come or to help than you have hours in the week available. Friends, we need to identify priorities and revisit them often because seasons change.

What does it take for you to be a student?

How much time, energy, and preparation must you allot to this role each week?

What type of effort do you have to put forth?

I would even suggest that you map our your time for at least a week just to see how you are using time and recognize what things you are giving high priority to by way of the time you invest in them.

Take a look at your finances. What does your credit card bill, your debit card, or your checkbook say about what you prioritize?

Does your use of time and money reflect the priorities that you want it to? Is anything misaligned or absent? Is there anything that you spend too much time on? Too little time?

It is essential that you make time for daily bible study and prayer, regular exercise, and engaging in activities that help you to refuel at least once or twice a week. Are these things adequately represented in your week?


Prioritization: Step 1 Assessment

One of the challenges of adult life is the amount and variety of responsibilities that we take on. Home life and work life impact us and shape us in significant ways that affect what we have left to offer in our “free time.” Home life for you might consist of living in a dorm, an apartment, or a house. You could be living alone, with peers, with parents, or with your spouse and children.

  • What efforts do you put into your home life? Chores, meal preparation, hospitality, entertainment, spiritual growth…
  • What is your workplace like? What hours do you work? What sort of effort and skill is required of you each day?

Take some time to assess what you are doing in these two spaces of your life and identify how these places influence who you have become.