ICTS Study Guides Available

For those of you that are preparing to take Illinois Certification Tests, feel free to check out Rolfing’s selection of ICTS Study Guides.

We have:

ICTS Basic Skills 096 LB1772 .I3 W953x 2007

ICTS Apt: Assessment of Professional Teaching  101-104  LB1772 .I3 W956x 2007

ICTS Science Biology 105 LB1772 .I3 W957x 2007

ICTS Elementary-Middle Grades 110  LB1772 .I3 W9662x 2006

ICTS Social Science History 114 LB1772 .I3 W968x 2007

ICTS Mathematics 115  LB1772 .I3 W9683x 2007

ICTS Physical Education 144 LB1772 .I3 W976x 2007