Why I’m blogging…

Greetings! I’m Rebekah Hall and I’ve been blogging for the library since January, but I thought I’d recap what I aim to do through blogging now that we’re beginning a new school year.

In addition to providing a place to highlight some resources and events at the library, it’s my hope that this can be a forum for conversations among the Trinity community, an opportunity for students to gain some familiarity with library staff, and a way to exhort us to think about our faith and consider how studying and serving at Trinity equips us to practice what we believe in everyday living.

I’m looking forward to posting on the library blog and I welcome your thoughts and feedback! Feel free to see my about page to learn more about me and my role at Rolfing.

FYI: We’re in the process of switching to a new website, so eventually the blog will be integrated into Drupal.


Greetings Trinity community

Welcome to Rolfing’s new blog! It is my hope that this can be a valuable resource for you during your time @ Trinity. My objectives are to:

Provide you with details about relevant resources in theology & ministry

Offer a place to interact with library staff and one another

Discuss how we can integrate Christian faith into everyday life circumstances

Alert you to some pertinent things that are happening in the library and in the news

Thank you for visiting and it is my prayer that you’ll find something here in the days ahead that will prove valuable!