My name is Rebekah Hall. I’m the Monograph Librarian here at Rolfing Library.  Since that title doesn’t mean a whole lot to most people outside of the library, it basically means that I am responsible for the ordering, cataloging, and advertising of our new books. I’ve been working at Rolfing for five years.

My education is as follows:

B.A. in Psychology & Biblical Studies, Trinity International University

M.L.S. (Library Science), Texas Woman’s University

As you might expect, I love to read! 😉 I particularly enjoy learning about scripture and theology and applying that in the lives of women.

I serve on the Women’s Leadership Team at my church and we are looking at ways to foster mentoring/discipleship in the lives of women at CCC. I lead a women’s Bible study and this spring semester we read  Loving God With All Your Mind by Elizabeth George.  I have been blessed with a wonderful group of precious women!

This summer, I’ve been reading about teaching college students and active learning methods in anticipation of some new instruction responsibilities I’ll have in the fall. I’m excited about the opportunity to teach my first REACH class, Research & Writing.

At present, I’m reading through Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and working my way through a Bible study called Live a Praying Life. For the fall semester, I will be revisiting my study of beginning Greek. It’s been several years since I’ve taken it, but I’m cautiously excited about picking it up again. I hope I can keep up!


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