Welcome to campus!

Special thanks to Janelle Sander, Access Supervisor @ Rolfing Library for her guest post on adjusting to life @ Trinity!

On transitioning to campus life…

It was a little more than a year ago that my husband and I were going through some of the same transitions that many of our new students have been through in the last few months or are going through now—reverting from a “normal” life where we both worked full-time jobs in the “real” world back to a world where assignments and papers dictate how we will spend our nights and weekends.  Now, I know that our experiences are similar to only a fraction of the population here at Trinity.  Some have come straight from other schooling experiences, while some have been out of school much longer than we have.  The point is that we’re all here, trying to adjust to a new normalcy.  Here’s a few tips for making the transition a little easier (hopefully):

Start building a community:  I know this may seem a little basic, but I believe it is essential to creating the Trinity Experience.  The people you connect with during seminary are not only going to be great friends now, they will be the start of your network when you graduate into the next stage of your life.

Finding a church home:  There are many churches in the area.  Check out Trinity’s online church guide for ideas: http://www.tiu.edu/files/college/studentministries/churchdir07.pdf.

Get to know the area:  The North Shore area (not to mention Chicago) has some amazing things going on during all times of the year.  In my opinion, its healthy to take a break from studying sometimes!  Check out these local resources:

Ask questions.  People here are friendly and want to help out – remember, we’ve all been there at some point and can identify with what you’re going through.  Soon classes will start and you will settle into a routine.  The year will go by and before you know it, you’ll be helping someone much like yourself settle into next year.


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