Health Care Reform links

Here are a few links to provide some general information about what’s happening with Health Care Reform.

Admittedly, I’m concerned about this issue and feel I must consciously remind myself that God is sovereign over whatever happens.

Questions that come to my mind about the government taking control over health care:

What about second opinions on weighty matters such as cancer? Is that ‘wasteful’ spending?

What about pregnant women who want to carry a baby to full term even if birth defects are predicted? Can the government mandate abortion in the future because of the ‘unnecessary health costs’ that child would incur?

What about our foundation of being a free country?

What checks and balances will be in place to keep the government from making corrupt decisions?

What you need to know about Health Care Reform

Health care reform: what it means for you

Will you be able to keep your insurance?

5 freedoms you would lose in health care reform

Health Care Reform Plans Compared



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