Growing familiarity of grandeur

My church is promoting a cover to cover read through the Bible this year. As I read along in amongst the Bible studies I’m doing, I cannot help but begin to gain a sense that the Bible is really a smaller book than I’d often  thought as a teenager. Part of the deterrent for me (and I assume others as well) is this impression that it takes a long time to read those 66 books.

I don’t want to diminish the wealth of information found in the Bible by any means. It is right that we could spend our lifetimes reading and rereading the Bible, learn Him better and mature as Christians along the journey. There is still so very much there that I don’t think we’ll really think we’ve mastered the Word. Even working on the commands to love one God and to another is something we have to keep going to God about and asking Him for the grace to do so!

However immense the implications are for us as we persist in reading the Word, studying it in depth, and finding ourselves praying prayers we might never have thought we’d pray, once we commit to digging in for a few years day after day, there is this sense that it is  palpable to begin to really know the Bible. And not just the stories of David and Goliath or Abraham and Isaac, but to remember many of the historical details and themes that draw the books together. This doesn’t change the wonder and awe of the Word, but it does cultivate a familiarity with the grandeur of God and His Word.

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