Wisdom can wait

Today brings me to the last two excerpts from Nancy’s reflections on wisdom.

“Wisdom is connecting the dots between cause and effect in our lives.”

“It’s making choices– before I speak, before I act, before I choose– not just based on what I feel like doing at the moment, but instead, it is making choices based on the long-term outcome.”

Wisdom can say no to immediate gratification or reward. Wisdom can stand up under prolonged trial and keep working diligently when your effort might appear to go unnoticed. Wisdom can wait for God’s reward, His blessing, even if the wait is long and even if the blessing does not come until we meet Him after this lifetime.

I think we need to be lifting one another up and exhorting one another to walk in His wisdom because there will be times when it is so tough to keep on in His ways when the long-term outcome seems too far away or we can’t really picture what God’s good for us would amount to. The body of Christ can urge one another on.

By God’s grace, even in times when I didn’t actively seek to be wise, God often protected me from opportunities to be lured far from Him. Ever since I graduated from college, I have thought time and again about how much the decisions I made, the lifestyle I forged in my teens and early twenties, has shaped the path I am on now and how much that is true for other friends and acquaintances that I know, who are either on the paths of wisdom or the road to folly.

We are a testimony to a watching world when we choose God’s wisdom. We are also a reminder of God’s faithfulness, His light, and His life for the people who walked in His way for a time and have now turned from Him to follow after something or someone else.

It is my prayer that if there are deep desires of my heart that God, in His wisdom, decides never to fulfill, that He would still use that then as a testimony for people in my life who don’t know Him or who have chosen another god. I don’t want all of that struggle and surrender to be wasted. I long for it to be purposeful and I do think that if God says no to the things I’ve been waiting for that there is some glory to be gained for Him in a life that submits to His leading in a world where people often allow the desires of their hearts to run their lives into the paths of destruction.


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