Wisdom leads to worshiping God

“Wisdom is orienting and ordering every area of my life around God, around His ways, and around His Word. It’s aligning everything in my life, my thoughts, my speech, my relationships,  my work, my worship, and my play. Everything I do must be ordered around God. Wisdom is living a godly life so that every part of my life is aligned around God and His Word.”

“Wisdom is always asking the question: ‘What pleases God?‘ It’s always checking with God. Living life in the constant air and atmosphere of what God thinks.”

These next two quotes point out how God-centered wisdom must become. There is a measure of discernment needed to keep examining where we are, who we are, and what we are doing to sort out whether our wisdom is man-centered or God-centered. It’s beginning to trouble me how much ‘wisdom’ is out there that seems good to man, but actually leads to our destruction. This is a good time to remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Acknowledging who He is in all things and recognizing that He is worthy of our worship and our allegiance helps us to separate His wisdom from the world’s wisdom.

I really appreciated Nancy’s insight that wisdom asks, “What pleases God?” I haven’t thought of it quite in that way before now, but it is a really helpful question for checking in with God and seeing where our hearts are at. It is also a very positive way of thinking about some of the difficult or costly things we may be asked to do or become. In those times, we need the reminder that following Him is a sacrifice of praise, a fragrant offering, and pleasing to Him.


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