Wisdom takes faith

Let’s take this first quote I mentioned yesterday and mull it over a bit.

“Wisdom is seeing every season, circumstance, and situation of life as God sees it. We have to ask God for wisdom because we can’t see what He sees or know what He knows, so we have to ask Him to help us see life as He sees it.”

That first sentence really caught hold of my attention and reminded me that sometimes I still struggle with sorting out the difference between worldly wisdom and God’s wisdom. It can be so subtle at times. I have had some seasons, circumstances, and situations for which I wring my hands and cry out to Him because I am stuck seeing them from my point of view.

Wisdom that comes from the Lord is not something we attain apart from Him and it can take time and training. I know this is straightforward enough, but then look around you at how others are responding to their lives or even consider some portions of your own life. Friends, we aren’t naturally bent towards God’s wisdom.

It takes faith. Believing in Him for what we cannot see (past). He’s pressing me on this lately and showing me that as much as I strive to think about how my actions and attitudes will influence the future and seek to honor Him in that, there are holes in my armor where other aspects of wisdom are concerned, like seeing where I am positioned and who I am from His perspective.

I suppose I’m being confronted more and more with how integral our Christianity must become with our thinking and living. That runs contrary to my inclination to gather information and then think I can proceed a certain distance on my journey independently. What I am trying to say is that I believe that there are occasions where, even as I seek counsel, pray, read scripture and attempt to walk in wisdom, I somehow still end up trying to do it in my own strength or defaulting to my understanding when the going gets tough.

I’m finding that I will need to surrender my strength and understanding, placing them under His full authority, if I want to truly gain wisdom and have faith.


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