Resources to peruse

As I was skimming the July/August 09 issue of Books & Culture, I came across a few items worth looking into:

This Momentary Marriage/ John Piper

I read the excerpt on Amazon and this book looks wonderful. It really reminds us to see marriage from God’s perspective. Marriage is intended to bring God the glory and to point people to Him. (I have a couple of weddings to attend in August and was hoping to find a good book or two to include as part of my wedding gift.) Check this out! I hope to order a copy for the library sometime soon.

Earthen vessels: Hopeful reflections on the work and future of theological schools/ Daniel Aleshire

This book addresses the work and value of theological schools. I also read the blurb on this and thought it would be worth at least skimming. Sometimes even when we are contributing to something we believe in, we can benefit from the reminder that it is, in fact, changing lives.


Has anyone else heard of this? It is an effort to respond to the reality that many children spend a lot of time watching television, studies have indicated a decline in Christian youth staying committed to their faith post high school, and that there is a growing gap in the entertainment industry between very expensive media to YouTube videos.


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