Gaining wisdom

I’ve been listening to a radio series by Nancy Leigh DeMoss on wisdom and I wanted to pull out a few quotes regarding wisdom that we need to be reminded of over and over as we seek to prioritize the Lord over the other things that compete for our time and attention.

“Wisdom is seeing every season, circumstance, and situation of life as God sees it. We have to ask God for wisdom because we can’t see what He sees or know what He knows, so we have to ask Him to help us see life as He sees it.”

“Wisdom is orienting and ordering every area of my life around God, around His ways, and around His Word. It’s aligning everything in my life, my thoughts, my speech, my relationships, my work, my worship, and my play. Everything I do must be ordered around God. Wisdom is living a godly life so that every part of my life is aligned around God and His Word.”

“Wisdom is always asking the question: “What pleases God?” It’s always checking with God.”

“Wisdom is connecting the dots between cause and effect in our lives. We make certain choices and those choices have certain effects. Wisdom helps us to connect those dots to see the relationship between certain behaviors and certain outcomes.”

“You reap what you sow (Proverbs 22:8, paraphrased). It’s making choices—before I speak, before I act, before I choose—not just based on what I feel like doing at the moment, but instead, it is making choices based on the long-term outcome. What can I expect long-term to come out of this behavior?”

Since there is so much rich content here, I hope to spend a couple of posts this week teasing out these quotes and reflecting on how they apply to our lives.

Oh, Lord, in a world where we can find ourselves quickly turned about with all of the conflicting messages we see and hear, may we invest ourselves in relationship with You and in reading Your Word so that we can grow in wisdom about how to handle the people, resources, talents, circumstances, blessings, and challenges You have sovereignly placed in our care. To God be the glory!


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