Preface to a theology of beauty

flower image

The message I’m giving at one of my church’s women’s events tomorrow is the slightest and simplest stab at a topic that I have pondered for years and hope that at some point in the future, I will have the privilege to cover more thoroughly if it would suit God’s purposes for me.

It is a deep desire of my heart to work with women to learn to love God’s Word and to understand the value of theology as it applies to their everyday lives. From this, springs in me a recurring interest in developing a book or study for women on understanding beauty from a biblical perspective.

Tomorrow’s talk is intended to spark an interest in investing time and thought into cultivating a character of beauty. I have a deep conviction that women need to think theologically about beauty, but it isn’t one of those areas where you can prescribe ‘the Christian standard.’ All the more so, then, is there a need to educate women to know scripture in order that they can seek God’s counsel on the particular matters of their own hearts and lives and do so with integrity.

In brief, I’m going to address women about living a life that exemplifies a surrendered heart, gentle spirit, and steadfast faith. When women emphasize God’s kind of beauty in their lives, the Lord will be lifted up in our homes, churches, communities, and workplaces. It is my prayer that this message with resonate with someone who comes and that women will realize how much we pass on about our worldviews to the next generation.


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