Praising God through prayer

When we praise Him, we are acknowledging who He is, remembering that we are made for Him, and positioning ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before Him. Although we won’t be telling Him anything He doesn’t already know, we need the reminder and we happen to bless His name and honor Him in the process. When we consider all that He has done by praising Him through scripture or praising Him for His character, or praising Him for good things He is doing in our lives, we are better able to see Him in a greater context.

Including opportunities to praise Him as a regular part of our life day by day is a healthy habit to form. It is then that we realize God deserves the adoration and glory for all the great and wonderful things that happen. In time, we also begin to take joy out of offering Him praise and worship. After all, we were made for it! Thankfully, the Lord knows when praise just bursts forth out of the abundance of a blessed time of life and when praise is truly a sacrifice born out of a time of struggle and pain. We are not giving Him anything of ourselves that He doesn’t already equip us to offer.


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