Finishing well

I hope that you all will have the opportunity to finish this school year well.

I was personally challenged and encouraged by learning about Eric Liddell’s journey of faith because he saw fit to stay focused on the Lord for all of his days. He ran the race with integrity. In each opportunity that the Lord gave him, he sought to give God his best, trust Him for the outcome, and give Him the glory. The biography that I have been reading provided numerous illustrations of friends, family, and acquaintances that saw in Eric a humility and an attitude of service that didn’t waver under the great success of his athletic career or significant periods of trial in his missionary endeavors in China.


Let this be true of those of us that are here today, studying, working, and contributing to the lives of church bodies and families. Our parents and grandparents need us to carry the torch and live out a strong legacy of faith in Christ. Our children and the youth of the next generation need to see tangible evidence in our lives that we won’t waver even when hard times come and there is much pressure and opposition to be a Christian but hang onto bits and pieces of worldliness that entangle us as we commit to run this race all the way to the finish line.


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