Miss California…modern-day Esther?

I don’t pay much attention to the news, so the odds are, if you were to approach me with, ‘did you hear about…’, the answer would be ‘no.’ On Tuesday night, one of the women from my Bible study was talking about the controversy of the gay marriage question posed to Miss California. The great thing about this piece of news is that it was, in fact, good news.

This event, too, ties into my earlier posts this week about issues of faithfulness and falling away. This was a moment where Miss California could have given way to fear, she could have tried to please men, she could have put a desire to attain her own glory above what is right, but she didn’t. Perhaps, it was ‘for such a time as this’ that she was able to achieve second place…so that this question would be asked of her and that by being tested, she could stand with conviction, in effect, expressing ‘if I perish, I perish’ or in her case, ‘if I lose the [earthly] crown, I lose it.’

It took great courage and faith for Esther to approach the king on behalf of her people. She did so with reverence for God, respect for the king, and humility. She did so in fear and trembling. Still, she stepped out as a woman of God.

At the risk of getting too close for our own comfort…it is good for us to do an inventory with the Lord from time to time to search out if there is anything that we would cling to more than Him if we were to be called on it. What dreams do you hold closest to your heart? What persons or achievements are most beloved? Do you love God even more than these? What if He tests you on that answer?


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