Help…I’m stressed!

Last week, I watched a DVD series by Dr. Caroline Leaf called, “Your Body, His Temple.” In it, Dr. Leaf discusses how the way we use our minds affects our physical health. It was pretty fascinating stuff to see the different parts of the brain and how a thought passes through these areas. Depending on how we emotionally respond to the information, we can either build up or tear down the health of our mind-heart-body relationship.

I wanted to mention some of her suggestions about working through stress:

Capture your thoughts

  • Identify could-have, would-have, should-have, and if-only thoughts. do you spend a lot of time speculating about the future? These are the kinds of things that can weigh us down in the race of faith
  • When a thought come into your mind, consciously decide whether or not it is healthy to accept that thought. if not, reject it! otherwise, you will add to unhealthy memories and emotional strongholds

Grow in love

  • Remember God’s blessings in your life
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • Don’t give way to fear

Play and laugh

  • Play decreases aggression, fear, and grief
  • Laughter develops our thinking skills and increases flexibility of thought

Exercise and diet

  • Exercise improves our mood and takes away some of the impact of negative thoughts and emotions
  • Eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water

Consciously set aside time to relax!


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