Being real…is a lifelong journey

Being real is a refining process that happens over the course of a lifetime. This isn’t an easy choice for us when we live in a culture that teaches that change can and should be instant.

How often do we wait on the Lord for His direction and His counsel rather than exhausting every possible man-made plan we can think of first? Habakkuk went before the Lord with his frustrations and after he vented, he said, I will go to the watchtower to wait and see how the Lord will answer me. I wonder how long he had to wait…and I wonder if there were any distractions or temptations along the way. When the Lord spoke to Habakkuk, the news was both good and bad. Judgment was coming upon God’s people and it would be a painful chastening, but there would be an opportunity for restoration of relationship between God and His chosen people. So, Habakkuk could look at that devastating judgment to come with an attitude of reverence and worship.

Was not Abraham called to become the father of a great nation far before he saw any physical possibility of that promise being fulfilled? It took a lifetime commitment of presenting himself before God, time and again, when there was no earthly reason to expect that he and Sarah would have their own son, let alone a nation!

How many years had Hannah poured out her heart to the Lord, requesting a child before that instance we read about in 1 Samuel where at last she presents herself to Him and this time she is at rest, trusting that God has heard her and that He will answer her?

In the historical books, it is evident that so many kings turned aside from God’s ways to pursue their own gain. Even of those that sought the Lord, some walked away from Him in their later days because of a desire for wealth, recognition, or a love of foreign women. They chose what was false to replace what was true and real and for a season, it can fill empty places and exalt those who are proud.

Being real is a choice, but not a one-time only decision. It resurfaces…often.


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