Pastor MacDonald’s thoughts on Brian McLaren

As I read the posts on James MacDonald’s views about Brian McLaren, it raised a number of questions in my mind about how Christians handle controversy, conflict, and division.

Why Brian McLaren is Like My Palm Pilot

Public Rebuke of False Teachers

Where are the boundaries on defining ‘false teachers’?

To what extent must we be humble enough to acknowledge that we ultimately don’t know the heart of another person the way that God does?

Should we blog about our differences in a way that denounces others? If so, when and how?

As humans, we often struggle with finding ourselves erring on one side or the other…either avoiding conflict in times that we should take a stand for truth or in being too forceful with the truth in a way that is condemning or repels people from the gospel.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable asserting a strong opinion on MacDonald’s posts, but if nothing else, I think it is a matter to bring to the Lord prayerfully. I am thankful and awed by a God who demonstrates in His Word that even wicked kings are under His sovereign control and can be used to accomplish His plans. When we believe we see erroneous theology, it is good to consider approaching that individual in gentleness and humility, equipped with the truth. It is deeply troubling that leaders who teach what is false will bring others down with them and we know that they will have to account for that before God. Perhaps prayer for revival would be fitting in such a time. When we are meeting God through reading and meditating on His scriptures day in and day out, we will be far less likely to be led astray.


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