Getting quiet before God

I have been listening to an MP3 series by Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Psalm 131 which has reminded me of how much we have going on around us all the time that can lead us to be anything but quiet and still with God.

As we draw close to Easter, I would encourage you to designate some portion of time in the days ahead to read His Word and just be with Him. Of course, this is something we aspire to do regularly, but sometimes even if we are reading the Word, we aren’t necessarily quiet before God or listening for what He has to say.

I think Psalm 131 has a lot to teach young people that goes against the grain. As David pours out his heart with God, he declares, in essence, I’m not resting in my accomplishments. I’m not getting myself worked up about things that are beyond my understanding. I’m not letting my pride and ambition dominate my heart. I am content in you, Lord. I am growing in maturity, to the point that I trust your provision. I am not struggling and crying out for what I think I need. I know that I can look to you for all things and my satisfaction is found in you.

When you find yourself growing restless or anxious, what do you do to seek God in the midst of it?


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