A step back from competency

Yesterday, I stopped by a small coffee shop that had a help wanted sign that caused me to pause and ponder.

I first noticed it for the obvious reason that in a time when there doesn’t seem to be many openings, there was full-time and part-time openings here.

However, upon reading the sign, it was the content that motivated me to reflection. It indicated that while prior experience in a coffee shop or deli is nice, a warm disposition and a teachable spirit were of greater value.

Increasingly, I find myself sucked into the pressure that degrees, experience, and who you know make all the difference in finding work. The idea that you have to be very assertive, demonstrate statistics about yourself and your work, and compete among many other qualified candidates leaves me sad because it comes across that true character really doesn’t count for much.

I found it refreshing to see a place that indicated that proving competency wasn’t the be all end all. Attitude was given greater consideration than knowing the drill.

I couldn’t help but think how true this is of the paradigm God reveals to us in His Word. Oftentimes, He selects people who haven’t got the resume (if you will) that matches the calling He has for them. He’s looking for attitude first and He’ll provide His people the skills, education, and tools they need to do the work. He chooses the unworthy and the unlikely candidates and wows us with a magnificent display of His glory through the process of equipping His people for His work.

It seemed to me that this was a helpful reminder to step back and consider what really matters in the eyes of our Lord. We live in a culture that pushes us to focus on the outward things, but God is very interested in cultivating the innermost parts of our being which, in time, produce wonderful fruit.


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