When we don’t fear God…

Although most Christians wouldn’t have much trouble verbally and mentally assenting to the concept of fearing the Lord, many of us face serious trials when we attempt to live this principle out.

What prevents us from a right view of our Lord?
Certainly there are so many possibilities. Here are a few big ones:

  • Doubting/Unbelief
  • Fear of man
  • Ingratitude
  • Pride/Arrogance
  • Rebellion
  • Selfish ambition
  • Unresolved sin
  • Worry about the future

When we habitually live with any of the above woven into our approach to life, this makes it increasingly difficult to fear the Lord as we ought.  These things that we carry around repel us from a right understanding of who God is and how we are to relate to Him.  In our faith journey, it is often described as “hitting a wall,” “getting in a rut,” or “feeling stuck.”

When we don’t fear God, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to further avenues for sin and greater distance from God.

What defense do we have when these times come?

For one thing, we may need to do the things that we know we should, even if we don’t feel like they are helping.

  • Being an active part of your church, praying, reading scripture, worshiping, and taking up our daily responsibilities
  • Seek accountability with a mature believer you can trust
  • Serve others

It is important to try to identify the root of the problem.

Begin with what you see outwardly that you recognize doesn’t square with scripture.  For example, perhaps you observe recurring patterns of : 1) anxiety about finding a job, 2) attempts to ‘help’ God, and 3) losing sight of the good He is doing and has done.  As you pray and think about these symptoms, maybe you find that the deeper issue is a struggle with trusting in God’s provision. The person who lacks confidence in God will be likely to fear people and circumstances more than God.

Equipped with this knowledge, now you are in a better position to fight back with scripture about God as provider and giving your anxiety to Him. This will help you think what is true instead of what is false. You can study passages in scripture that demonstrate God’s willingness and ability to take care of those who fear Him. You can talk to your accountability partner about suggestions he or she might have to combat your lack of trust in God. You can also prayerfully ask God to grant you opportunities to change your behavior.


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