Effects of worry

So, if you are prone to worrying, chances are, you’ve recognized it’s a problem in the past, but you may still have trouble trading in a lifestyle of worry for a lifestyle of confidence in the Lord.

Let’s consider some of the effects of worry manifested in our lives:

  • Lost or lack of patience/long suffering
  • Becoming obsessed and/or consumed by the little things that pile up
  • Blurred vision for what God is doing/has been doing in us and around us
  • Indifference
  • Chaotic thinking and living
  • Ingratitude
  • Depression
  • Procrastination
  • Disobedience
  • Unbelief

One of the best things we can do at a time like this is to persevere. No doubt, it’s difficult, but count the cost, friends. What do we gain from giving the devil a foothold if we proceed in a path of worry? It’s important to take the smallest steps of obedience day to day. Keep reading God’s Word. The Psalms are particularly helpful here. Keep praying. Keep listening for direction from Him and following through even though you don’t feel like it or you don’t think it makes an impact.

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One Response to “Effects of worry”

  1. mosterca Says:

    Reading this makes me think of the old chorus – “trust and obey for there is no better way…” Easier said then done, but simple acts of obedience can help defeat the paralysis of worry.

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