Teaching tips

Here are a few ideas that are helpful for teaching. Incidentally, they can also apply to parenting, babysitting, and ministry opportunities, so maybe even if you aren’t a teacher by profession, you might find a useful reminder.

Create an atmosphere that keeps students engaged in the learning process.

Know what your goals/objectives are for dealing with students that have recurring problems.

Be an active listener, ask good questions, teach conflict resolution.

Design lesson plans that accomodate varied styles of learning: auditory, visual, kinesthetic/tactile.

Set achievable, attainable, and measurable goals.

Develop humor and a good rapport within your teaching methods.

Try incorporating dramatization, games, journal keeping, cooperative learning, or hands on projects.

Encourage mature students to be mentors to their peers.

Remember that excellence is the goal, not perfection.

Assign schoolwork that is ‘worthy of being showcased.’

I’ve been experimenting with varied styles of instruction with my women’s bible study group and it has been exciting and motivating to see that even with adults, games, role-playing, and journaling can be well received. I don’t typically enjoy bible studies where all we do is regurgitate the book and workbook Q and A that we did independently throughout the week, so as I’ve been doing bible studies, it’s my aim to take us further and deeper.


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