African American Festival display

This month, the library has a book display that highlights Black Church History & Black Theology.

I anticipate the completion of a brochure that gives some brief biographical information on current professors/thinkers in the area of Black Theology. We plan to put up some other bios on historical figures that shaped Black Church History.

As I was doing some reading and research in preparation for this display, I discovered that there was much more information out there than I expected! Trying to figure out where to dig in was a bit of a struggle at first, but once I started to see recurring names in my readings, the project began to come together. The twenty men and women selected for the display by no means adequately represents the rich legacy of believers.

As a woman who cares deeply about other women knowing and living the Word, I was inspired by the stories of women who endured much hardship in their lives and yet the Lord was faithful to yield fruit, time and again. These women faced illness, lost spouses and children, lived through slavery, and had demeaning jobs at times. Many of them felt the call to be used by God and then found themselves surrounded by ‘closed doors’ for a season. Their relentless dedication to God was richly blessed and so were the lives of those impacted by them all around the world.


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