Wisdom at the Movies display

I’m interrupting my series on family to highlight the ‘Wisdom at the Movies’ display we have at the library.

One of the technical services staff members has pulled together a wide variety of excellent films that portray aspects of wisdom.

Here is an excerpt from Everett’s reflections on wisdom: “Wisdom, the skillful application of knowledge and insight to daily life, begins with the fear of the Lord. We begin by recognizing our life as a gift that is dependent on the mercy and grace of God. By trusting in the Lord and acknowledging Him in all our ways we are able to recognize the meaning in the order and patterns in the world he has given us and then to apply that knowledge as we seek our way in that world.”

The following list represents a sampling of some of the films on our display. Feel free to come and check them out!

Amazing Grace– political wisdom in the service of right

Becket– live faithfully the calling you’ve received

Chariots of Fire– live for the glory of God

Death of a Salesman– life can be wasted

Empire Strikes Back– the power of a wise mentor

Giant– gain the world, lose your soul

Jesus of Montreal– the wisdom of an outsider

Matrix– wisdom as revelation

Power of One– wise mentor and the wisdom of perseverance

Shawshank Redemption– wisdom of hope

Stranger Than Fiction– wisdom from mortality

Tootsie– wisdom through changed circumstances


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