Valuing the family

Over the past few years, I’ve really changed my opinion on the value of family. As a high schooler and then a young adult, I was pretty strongly persuaded that getting a graduate education and establishing myself in a successful career needed to come first. Family was something that should come later on, once I had achieved many other accomplishments. Particularly as a woman, I felt that I needed to be in a hurry to get all of the really important things taken care of before I had children because once I did, life as I knew it, as I dreamed it would be, would in effect be over.

I’ve given some thought to how much society and our culture has influenced my views on family. It’s troubling now to recognize lies I have believed because they sounded reasonable. My focus was so wholly on myself and not at all on the things of God. So, it has been a slow process for me to reconsider what really matters in eternity. Job status, money, and worldly ‘success’ will fade. Investing in family, whether that is my own or in other families or largely, the church family, has a value that is not fleeting.


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