Evaluating seasons of life & gifts

Now, consider the stage of life you are in. What roles do you fill? The answers to these questions should help define what your priorities will be for this season. Singles have some different roles than married folks. Men and women may have unique challenges that accompany gender differences. Parents have added responsibilities. Employment and/or leadership roles also shape our season of life.

Reflect on your gifts. Dialogue with God about this. Listen. This, too, will help guide your priorities. While this sounds basic enough, sometimes we never quite get around to actually doing it. Or, perhaps in a new season, it’s time to ask God again.

For some of us, there is an inclination to hear about a need and think, well, I could help with that, I guess. It is excellent to have a willing spirit. However, in the long haul, it you say yes whenever there is a need you think you could fill, you’ll be more likely to get burned out and frustrated. When you focus more of your attention on the things that God has called you to do, you’ll find that more often than not, it will be a renewable energy. However, when you spend time doing a variety of things without respect to ‘fit,’ you will tend to feel depleted.

An illustration of this from my life is the blessing that women’s bible study has brought to my life. When I prepare for bible study, I usually get energized. I am exploding with ideas and insights. Even when I’m tired, I look forward to pressing on in it. Something clicks. My efforts are multiplied by the Spirit. There is a vision, a conviction, and a passion in my heart that does not fade even in the face of trials, doubts, and fears.


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